Elearning.space: Revolutionizing The Learning Process

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The process of learning or acquiring knowledge has more or less been the same. With elearning.space, the learning process has taken a new turn (and for the better!). elearning.space provides a fresh, modern and innovative approach to learning.

Their range of elearning experiences, selected from their elearning toolbox, ensures the elearning space is designed to engage the learner.

We spoke with Paul William, Founding Director at elearning.space, to understand how they’re revolutionizing the learning process and how businesses can use elearning to improve operations. Read on!


What inspired you to start elearning.space? Tell us the story.

I started elearning.space because of the growing need for 21st learning experiences to cater to the ever-increasing diversity of learning styles. Traditional learning modes are not in sync with the current requirements and trends of how people wish to learn. We aim to equip the individual learner with 21st century-like learning experiences.  


Can you give us a brief overview of the learning services and solutions you offer?  

  1. elearning Development – Curriculum planning support for businesses or educational institutions to determine elearning objectives for their training/education plan.
  2. Rapid conversions – Convert existing paper-based resources and electronic files (e.g. a pdf or slideshow) into an elearning experience.
  3. Explanimations – Create a talking character to instruct and lead users through the elearning experience.
  4. Off-the-shelf elearning modules – Pre-made elearning experiences that can be adapted to an existing elearning experience and or Learning Management System (LMS).
  5. Consultancy service for elearning development or Learning Management System (LMS) development


How can businesses and startup utilize elearning to improve their operations?

In today’s busy world where people want to learn things on the fly, elearning makes for the perfect solution. Couple that with a face-to-face workshop (blended learning) and elearning becomes a very powerful learning tool.

For example, a business can put all of their policies, processes, induction training and OHS documents online for employees to view with associated questions. If this is supported by a face-to-face workshop, the level of learning engagement will increase because less time will be needed for face-to-face learning.


What are your future plans for the elearning.space?

We are currently offering our elearning development services to the international market. We would love to share our learning model with the world, especially across the Australian education and associated education support services.


Why did you choose a .SPACE domain? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?  

elearning space acquired its name from the virtual location it represents. elearning space is our organization’s name, but it is also the name for any virtual space where learners participate in the learning process. This is an elearning space.  

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