DevTeam.SPACE: Working with Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence has streamlined processes and empowered humans to become more able and efficient. DevTeam.SPACE, a community of brilliant development teams that uses smart Artificial Intelligence powered processes to help businesses build better products and services. The community boasts of some big brands in the likes of Samsung, Disney, and Airbus, to name a few. We speak with Alexey Semeney, founder of DevTeam.SPACE, to understand what it is like working with Artificial Intelligence. Read on!

Alexey Semeney, founder of DevTeamSpace.

How did DevTeam.Space start? Tell us your story!

Back in 2015, we were looking to hire developers. To our surprise, we had a hard time finding top-notch software developers who were reliable and had a solid process and relevant expertise.

This set us on a mission to build the world’s most reliable software development platform. Prior to that, we had managed remote development teams for over 3 years. We envisioned the future of software development as being client facing, risk tolerant, time-saving, robust and futuristic. This helped us design DevTeam.Space.

What are the pros and cons of working with Artificial Intelligence?

Many businesses and people expect artificial intelligence (or business intelligence) systems to replace a human being. We think that it will never fully replace a person, but empower humans with greater abilities to achieve certain results. Even at this early stage, we use it for making data-driven decisions and speeding up our processes. As a result, we can tolerate the risks for our clients and ourselves, and move faster, delivering quality results for our clients.

What trends do you foresee in AI in the near future?

We’ll see less hype, as many solutions will fade away after not being accepted by the market. I think we’ll see more conservative applications taking the stage. Realistically, AI solutions have been around for many decades, but they were simply not that well distributed. So, in the next 3 to 5 years, we’ll see more AI applications with the following features:

  1. Greater levels of accuracy and speed – computer vision and image recognition based applications
  2. Human interaction wired together with AI assistants – think better robots when you contact a support center
  3. Data analysis and prediction – marketing related solutions, HR, medicine sector, planning, etc.

We see a bright future with more highly-automated control systems which involve blockchain technologies. In other words, you won’t need a human to make a decision as Blockchain technologies mimic the nature of our world.


What are some of the most exciting projects that DevTeam.Space has worked on?

Every project is exciting because we either help a new business get started, or help an existing company get to a new level by implementing innovative solutions. Here are some examples.

Recently, we’ve been helping an aircraft manufacturer to streamline their business processes by implementing software automation solutions. In another project, we assisted a machinery company to develop and integrate their eCommerce portal with major online platforms like eBay.

We also help Internet startups. It works especially well because their investors see us as a reliable partner who will help to build a solid online product – one less problem for a young company to worry about. It’s especially exciting to watch these startups grow. We’re extremely happy for our clients, especially when they get recognized early on, as it happened with Adventure Aide – a mobile app for traveling and local experiences.

How challenging is it to find highly skilled developers to match client expectations?

It’s brutally challenging, especially if you do it on your own or if you hire individuals one-by-one. The market has evolved, and people not only expect a higher quality from online products but the number of individuals calling themselves “developers” has grown drastically.

It’s a much more challenging task to discover diamonds among the rocks. In addition, these days it takes multiple specialists to get your product off the ground, sometimes requiring up to five or more different experts to allocate several hours/days here and there. So, it’s a team effort.

How did you decide on the name DevTeamSpace? Why did you choose a .SPACE domain?   

“We have development teams and we’ll go to space!” All jokes aside, it was a simple choice. I always look for new trends, and I was aware of the new domain, .SPACE, being available. So, I thought that would be a great name – a space for the best dev teams! I think other companies should take advantage of innovative new domains such as .SPACE too.

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