Loop.SPACE: The Importance of Collaborative Working

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Collaborative working makes humankind unique and strong. It paves the way for grand ideas to take shape and gives us the ability to create groundbreaking products and services. Loop.SPACE strongly believes in collaborative working as their one-of-a-kind platform provides budding entrepreneurs and enthusiastic startups a ‘priority pass’ access to work from wherever they want. We speak with Chi Tran, founder, and CEO at Loop, to take us through the startup’s journey. Read on!

Chi Tran, founder and CEO at Loop.

What inspired you to create Loop? Tell us the story.

During my days of traveling, I came across many great communities in the likes of agencies and technology startups and observed that it was hard for people to connect and collaborate outside of their own eco-system. In fact, I noticed a lot of people at Starbucks or cafes working all day in isolation rather than connecting with like-minded people who were equally driven.

It blew my mind that there was nothing out there that effectively allowed you to connect, collaborate and provide you the freedom to work anywhere you want. Collaborative working is essential for humans to build greater things and the idea of giving people a platform that allowed this was something that really inspired us to create Loop.

How challenging was it to partner with co-working spaces around the world? How did you go about doing it?

The great thing about creating Loop was how inspirational and easy it was to speak with our partners from coworking spaces and commercial partners who offered our members access to software to grow their startups.

Our partners are focused on providing their communities and its members with benefits that assist them to stand out from the others in the market. In addition, we assist in their network growth and benefits so that they can focus on their core expertise and differentiate their offering. With over 160 partner locations worldwide, we’re a benefit that members are asking for.

Who is an ideal user for Loop?

With over 160 partner locations in over 42 countries and over $1,000 in starter pack benefits, Loop is ideal for entrepreneurs, digital nomads and coworking members looking for a collaborative working experience and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.

In addition, corporations looking to access the startup network and eco-system can provide a Loop membership to their employees. Not only that, coworking partners can utilize Loop as their white label solution to manage their community and space.


What are the trends you foresee in the co-working spaces business?

I believe you will continue to see acquisitions across diverse segments for larger players such as WeWork from their WeLive initiative to their recent acquisition of Meetup and SpaceMob. These acquisitions provide key market access, expertise, and knowledge in addition to focusing on providing collaboration and access to real communities.

Also, more traditional corporate companies will utilize coworking spaces to enable cross-pollination of skills that collaborative working brings along with access to the startup eco-system.

How did the name Loop come about? Why did you choose a .SPACE domain extension for it?  

As we developed our logo, it focused on 3 core values. Collaboration; the image of 2 people reaching out to each other. Co-working; the two work desks opposite each other. Connections; the Infinite Loop in the white space of our logo. From there, it was obvious to us that Loop represented our core values and the same is reflected in our logo and name.

We chose the .SPACE domain because loop.space was unique and provided an identity that was immediately identifiable. Furthermore, it allowed us to optimize our SEO/SEM to build brand value.

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