YouTube Star and Award-Winning Photographer Joe Edelman on .SPACE!

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With just a touch over 85,000 YouTube subscribers, Joe Edelman is an award-winning photographer, author, educator and mentor. He is colored with over 40 years of experience with the camera and is now a YouTube star with his weekly video releases that are directed towards the photography community. In conversation with us, he spills the beans on what keep him going and his views on .SPACE being unique and associative to the creative community.

Joe Edelman

Tell us about yourself.

Well, I am a commercial photographer and YouTuber. My YouTube channel ‘Joe Edelman’ has subscriptions from people across the globe. I post new videos every week to share the thought process that a professional photographer must use to approach his work. I am dedicated to helping photographers develop a solid understanding of the hows and whys behind great photographs. It’s a good feeling to share some of what I have learned along my way.

What inspires you to be creative?

People inspire me! My business card reads “I Shoot People!” (with a camera, of course!)

What do you think about .SPACE?

I think .SPACE is a great avenue for photographers and creative geeks to secure their corner in the world of the internet. With .COM and other generic extensions becoming common, .SPACE is perfectly positioned to be the domain extension for creative professionals.

.SPACE is a perfect domain extension for anyone working in the creative field. It is quickly becoming synonymous with the creative community!

Any interesting feedback that you received on your collaboration with .SPACE?

The most common response from creative professionals is ‘relief’! I regularly speak about .SPACE on my weekly TOGCHAT™ live-streams on YouTube. I have found that many photographers are relieved to hear that there is an apt and intuitive domain extension that aligns perfectly with the community of creative professionals. In most circumstances, these professionals cannot find a name of their choice on a .COM extension. So, they find great solace in the fact that now there is a new domain extension that will enable them to keep a name of their choice!

Are you a creative geek? Get .SPACE here!

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