How a .SPACE Domain Name is helping to Build Successful Online Brands

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Having a web address that adds value to your brand is a smart and an obvious business move. Domain names are the first point of contact and a brilliant opportunity for businesses to build a brand connection with the user. A unique and descriptive domain name not only stands out but also establishes resonance with the visitor. Which is why new domain extensions such as .SPACE can help.

A domain name on a .SPACE extension gives you the chance to own an innovative space among your target audience. It is a perfect domain extension for multiple categories, such as:

  • Personal websites
  • Co-working spaces
  • Real estate business
  • Umm… outer space

For inspiration, here are a few websites that are building successful brands on a .SPACE domain extension.


She Space is a global community that encourages women to share their stories and amplify their voices to change the conversation and transform the world. The community connects individual stories with a vibrant network of women, to start interesting, meaningful conversations and play to each other’s strengths rather than looking for flaws in each other.



Sinespace is a multi-user virtual world. It is used by consumers, developers and enterprise customers who use it to build, publish and take part in rich, complex, immersive, multi-user spaces. The Sinepace Public Grid is a social platform where people meet, create content, share and sell their work, organize events and build communities.



Deep Astronomy is the home to quality space & astronomy content. From space news & articles, to live hangouts with experts from the field of astronomy, it covers everything. The website also has a selection of short space documentaries which have been a huge hit over the years. Whether you’re an astronomy beginner or an experienced space fan, there’s something for everybody!



The whole idea of dots SPACE is to bring bright, creative people together and let their ideas collide. The company provides luxury private offices and workspaces in Beverly Hills and Culver City. Their services include live phone answering services, executive assistants, yoga studio, meditation room, workout equipment, ping pong, outdoor areas, morning and afternoon snacks. It’s open 24/7, on an all-inclusive monthly membership.



Space Technology and Advanced Research Systems, Inc. (STaARS) is setting up advanced biotechnology, biomedical and life science research programs on the International Space Station to improve the quality of life of Earth. STaARS leads the microgravity R&D market through customer service, science, and operational expertise and hardware innovation.


With the ever-increasing competition and the speed with which businesses are progressing, it is essential to stand-out. Levitate your online presence with a relevant domain name. Leverage the credibility that new, industry-specific domain extensions such as .SPACE provide and give your web address a creative twist.

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