GlenX.Space: Taking Coworking Spaces to Smaller Towns

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Coworking spaces are a modern inclusive work concept that helps young startups and aspiring entrepreneurs give structure to their business. Although coworking spaces are a prevalent concept in larger cities, they are not a popular phenomenon in smaller towns. GlenX.Space provides coworking spaces in smaller towns and indulges in the incubation of new ideas and acceleration of existing businesses. Read below as we speak with Altai Chuluun of GlenX!

Altai Chuluun of GlenX.Space

How did GlenX come to be? Tell us the story.

We started our journey talking about inspiring and helping the community at large. We began by spreading our wings to educational programming to help local schools and professionals, and most recently we have delved into the business of coworking spaces.


What services do you offer your members? Who can apply for membership?

We offer affordable workspaces in a monthly membership model instead of an expensive office lease. We enable working in a communal environment with services that include high-speed internet, computer screens, printing facilities, refrigerator, and all other amenities required.  We hold weekly events for our members to network, engage, collaborate and grow their skill sets.

Anyone over the age of 21 can apply for membership. Through our partner network, our members can go visit any other coworking space within the network for up to 3 times a month at no charge (our network includes 50+ places around the world)

What are the trends you foresee in the coworking space business?

Coworking is already prevalent in big cities. However, there is tremendous room for growth of coworking spaces in smaller towns. These communal coworking spaces provide a desirable solution to work outside of your home, to connect with the community, and potentially collaborate with others.


What makes GlenX different from other coworking communities?

We are all about social impact. We are set up as a non-profit organization that started out as a community organization with a strong focus on initiatives that help promote education and innovation. As part of our key offerings, we now indulge in the incubation of new ideas and acceleration of existing businesses. We have our eye on the future, to meet the demands that are not yet met, and expand to numerous small-town locations and rural markets in the future.

How has the journey been? Give us a glimpse of some fun startups/entrepreneurs that took shape at GlenX.

Since we shifted our focus several times, the journey has been a road of many zigzags of unexpected directions. We are grateful for where we are today and we only entered the coworking market after our bid for Rethinking High School education in America with XQ Institute fell slightly short. We started an entrepreneurial program at one of the highs schools that we serve, and this gave shape to a student-operated skateboard business. With the beta launch of these entrepreneurial programs, we hope to expand to 10 high schools next year, then progressively across Colorado, and subsequently throughout the US.

Why did you choose a .SPACE domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

The .Space extension has gained commendable popularity among coworking communities because it fits perfectly with their core competency. Personally, I like names that are short and make perfect sense and, so we opted for GlenX.Space. The .Space domain name has served us well for our brand, and we appreciate it being available. Within the coworking community, everyone knows of it and many are using it as part of their web address. Not only that, the .space extension is becoming a trend that is publicly recognized as a ‘cool domain extension’ for coworking brands.

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