Explore Outer Space Like Never Before with Stargazers.Space

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Imagine sitting on your couch in the comfort of your home and exploring the skies of Melbourne? Or Los Angeles or Paris or Hong Kong? Sounds unfathomable? Well, Stargazers.Space enables people to explore outer space using a nifty mobile application that controls telescopic cameras from any part of the world. We speak to Philippe Lopes Pinto, CEO at Stargazers.space, to talk us through how their unique outer space tech marvel works. Read on!   

Philippe Lopes Pinto, CEO at Stargazers.Space.

What inspired you to start Stargazers? Tell us the story.

Stargazers.space is a company that will allow anyone equipped with a smart-tablet to control one of our astronomic observatories. We are building several observatory sites right from Australia to the USA to Europe to South America, and Asia. This will enable anyone from any location on the planet to observe the sky at any time under any local weather conditions.

The interface is meant to be supremely user-friendly as everything can be done from the tip of your fingers. Initially, it was a private remote telescope project. But it has transformed into a project that will profit everyone. We wish to bring outer space to everyone!

How does the Stargazers app work? What makes it so unique?

Install the Stargazers App on your iPad and select the observatory you wish to take control of. You can then book time on that telescope and select an area, from the sky map, of the area you wish to point the instruments at. Then, you will receive a live video feedback from the 3 cameras that are installed on the telescope – one on the 12 inches main tube for maximum zoom, and 2 others on smaller tubes so you can have a wider angle of view centered on the same object. There is one camera outside to watch the entire sky at once. It is very useful to spot meteorites, clouds or just the beauty of outer space. It is also possible to capture high-resolution pictures.


How has social media helped you spread the word and acquire customers?

Social media is the way to find users that do have the tech know-how suited for our application. It is the primary medium that we are considering since it is where our future customers are located. Social media empowers people to share pictures and their experience of using the app with friends and relatives – which is another reason why social media is at the heart of our own community. Also, with social media, we would like to build an international astronomy club.

Share with us 5 pro-tips you would give to budding technology startups.

  • The first thing to be sure of is the interest your product or service rises on your targeted customers.
  • Use social media, forums and anything you find, to see if people are complaining about something missing in your field of activity. If your searches overlap and go the way you expect, then you can have a more direct approach to get a more precise market vision.
  • Ask people about your idea. Look for criticism. Listen to their arguments. Criticism is more important than opinion already going your way. Plan your business model accordingly because there is no point in starting something that may not be profitable.
  • Make informed decisions when it comes to R&D.
  • Find the right people to compliment your product. You can’t do everything by yourself. You have to let other people back you up in the fields where you have no expertise. The team you build is what will give birth to your project.

What are your future plans for Stargazers?

We are currently building our test site and are planning to build a few public sites starting in 2018. Our application is ready for iPad and we are adapting it for smartphones this year. Android will be followed by Apple TV and game stations. The application will also be released in 2018 on Apple store.

Why did you choose a .SPACE domain? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

We are in the field of astronomy and space. No other domain could be a better choice to immediately state what we are doing. We‘ve extended the name of the company to include it. It is something that completely makes sense in our business and it became part of our DNA. People immediately know our field of activity and it is a domain extension which differentiates us from .com. And, to be honest, the .SPACE domain name has panache.

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